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Interventional Pain Management

If prescription or over-the-counter drug therapies are proving ineffective or if back-and-forth visits between your primary care provider and specialist are proving a waste of time, interventional pain management may be the answer to your acute or chronic pain condition. Interventional pain PMCL Proceduresmanagement refers to special procedures – such as injections and spinal cord stimulation – that are performed in a pain management clinic or center to treat and manage pain. At the Pain Management Center (PMC) of Lansing, advanced interventional pain management services are provided by a team of anesthesiologists with specialty training in interventional pain management techniques. Dedicated to your ongoing and integrated care, this team applies a multidisciplinary approach to helping you acquire pain relief and achieve a better quality of life. Listed below are a few examples of the interventional pain management techniques available at PMC Lansing.


Type Application

Epidural, Joint, or Trigger Point Muscle Injections (includes Piriformis Muscle Injections)

Anesthetic and steroid medications injected into the epidural space, joints, or tight muscles to relieve pain or diagnose a condition (In some cases, Botox injections may be used.)

Nerve, Root, and Medial Branch Blocks (includes Greater Occipital and Trigeminal Nerve, and Intercostal Blocks)

Injections to discern the source of pain or reduce inflammation and pain

Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

Electrical impulses used to block pain from being perceived in the brain

Intrathecal Medication Pumps

Pain medication delivered directly to the fluid around the spinal cord through a surgically implanted device

Radiofrequency Denervation (RFD)

Electrical current used to interrupt nerve conduction and prevent the feeling of pain


The aforementioned interventional services may be performed by our pain management physicians at a clinic for diagnostic reasons (to determine the source of pain), therapeutic purposes (to treat painful acute or chronic conditions), prognosis (to predict the outcome of other interventional treatments), or preemptive measures (to prevent other conditions that could result from certain procedures). Conscious sedation is offered on patient request for most of our interventional procedures. Speak to your treating pain management physician to receive a full list of available interventional services and techniques at our pain management center. Your physician will help you determine if interventional pain management is the best approach to treating your pain, and if so, what option will be most effective. Stop letting pain control your life and start finding the relief that you deserve at PMC Lansing.


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